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Strange issue whilst trying sqlite - meneerphp - 04-03-2016

I am building a new platform using ci3 and sqlite3 but it seems that on the first db query I receive an error that I cant trace back to my code. for simplicity I recoded a model to just do a single data request:

PHP Code:
$this->db->get_where('static_pages', array('id'=>'1')); 

running this through the normal foreach loop resulted in the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function quote() on boolean in D:\www\system\database\drivers\pdo\pdo_driver.php on line 231

I could be the next noob trying to save noobia but I have a feeling this error should be there.
Who can assist me with this error?

RE: Strange issue whilst trying sqlite - Narf - 04-03-2016

This means the database "connection" isn't initialized yet.

RE: Strange issue whilst trying sqlite - meneerphp - 04-04-2016

Thanks for the reply! I adjusted the query with $this->load->database(); Sadly I received three more errors so I switched to mysql with pdo - no more headaches. I am looking for an extendable way to build a moveable application. But it is my first sqlite3 application and to produce and not have too many issues that might delay delivery I switched over.
Could someone point me to a good instructive tutorial page that explains how to build a sqlite database and connect it to CI3?

Thanks in advance!