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xmlrpc request error??? - goel.sandy86 - 04-13-2016

Hello all

i am new to codeigniter and getting error while using XMLRPC for sending a specific xml call to a remote server.  I have tried a lot of array examples but not getting the exact out put from my server.

XML Format we required as output.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<OTA_HotelAvailRQ xmlns="">
<RequestorID MessagePassword= "****" ID= "****" Type="CHM"/>
<HotelRef HotelCode="00008382"/>
<StayDateRange Start="2014-12-10" End="2014-12-29">

Already tried structures of array

1. $request = array (
 2.$request = array('Source' => array( 'RequestorID'=>array( 'MessagePassword'=> 'testDataCorp', 'ID'=>'datacorp','Type'=>'CHM')                                      ),array('HotelRef'=>array('HotelCode'=>'00008164')),
                     array('StayDateRange'=>array('StayDateRange (Start)'=>'2016-04-01','StayDateRange (End)'=>'2016-04-12'))

3. array(
        array('MessagePassword', 'testDataCorp'),
        array('ID', 'datacorp'),
         array('Type', 'CHM'),
          array('HotelCode', '00008164'),
           array('StayDateRange(Start)', '2016-04-01'),
           array('StayDateRange(End)', '2016-04-12')

kindly help me so that i can get the exact ouput.

RE: xmlrpc request error??? - ciadmin - 04-13-2016

Hmmm - third message about the same problem?

Are you sure you are using the right tool? XMLRPC is for making remote procedure calls to objects/methods with conventional method parameters. It *uses* XML to structure the parameters sent & received, but it isn't intended to be a general-purpose way to send XML around.
I took a look at the OTA executive summary, and XMLRPC is not mentioned. The TOC leads me to believe that the tools expect XML messages to be exchanged, *not* XMLRPC.
If this is the case, then you might want to use Curl or Guzzle to send post requests to an OTA service, with your XML document as the payload.

RE: xmlrpc request error??? - goel.sandy86 - 04-14-2016

Thanks for your valuable reply. As per your suggestion i have move to curl to send xml request and it works great.
Thanks again for your valuable reply.