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Phar support? - fmertins - 04-13-2016

Hi there, this is Fernando from Brazil.

I've just searched for "phar" at CodeIgniter 4 forum and nothing found, GitHub issues neither, so wondering here... CI4 will have Phar support?

Example: I have an ordinary CLI application and want to create a Phar to run it, idea:

~php my_ci_app.phar

And this phar file was created by me, containing the normal file system folders: application, system and the index.php file.

Thank you!

RE: Phar support? - fmertins - 04-13-2016

About 2011 was my first attempt to make this :-)

RE: Phar support? - kilishan - 04-13-2016

It's not something on our list currently, but would definitely be interesting to look into what issues hold it back from being packaged up.