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output buffer error - Tpojka - 05-03-2016

I am trying to solve an issue that appears in CI 2 project.
On all routes/url there is an
Fatal error: ob_start() [<a href='ref.outcontrol'>ref.outcontrol</a>]: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in /path/to/system/core/Exceptions.php on line 181

As I can see over webarchive, it appeared suddenly in last month-two.
Code is straight forward and I think there is nothing wrong in htaccess/index.php/routes.php/Specific_contr.php what could be the cause.
I found some offers to solvation of issue on CI archived threads, but didn't work for me (e.g. disable compression output - it was already set to FALSE though). 
Has anyone of you met this type of error?


I made it work with having environment variable changed/set 'development' => 'production', and now I am asking does it have some other repercussions or how to solve that error message.