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Code Ignited CMS - El Forum - 03-02-2008

Hey everyone, its been a while that I posted anything, but I thought I'd share this. During the last quarter of 2007 I created a very basic CMS in CI, so if anyone feels they wanna have a peek, I'll gladly send you the code, again, it is real basic, and as of yet I have had NO time to create any kind of docs, but it has been well received by those using (as site owners - who are anything BUT web literate) it, so you might like it as a starting point...

more here...

Code Ignited CMS - El Forum - 03-03-2008

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
Post your code, every peace of code is always interresting to look at to see how you've imaginate things.

You may also take a look at Blaze, a CodeIgniter CMS that was born some days ago:

Code Ignited CMS - El Forum - 03-03-2008

[eluser]Laszlo Breda[/eluser]
Hi, vevmesteren, I'd be really interested in your code as I'm developing my own due to lack of a decent lightweight PHP CMS.

Don't want to be a pain in the neck, but the English link on the clinique site comes up with DB errors. Just in case it slipped through...


Code Ignited CMS - El Forum - 03-03-2008

Wow, two months about if someone asked about a cms built on CI it was hard to find anything... Now there's at least 5 up and about! Smile

Looking tidy vevmesteren - the build of a CMS never stops I must warn you!

Code Ignited CMS - El Forum - 03-03-2008

thanks for the heads up regarding the errors....

I posted the code here. Again, no docs, no tidy code, not much, but a good starting point for those willing!
lemme know if you play with it...