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Javascript Question - wolfgang1983 - 06-24-2016

I thought I would post this question on here but not much to do with CI

I have a img which I am using holder.js

<div class="header-wrapper ">
<img id="image" data-src="holder.js/100px380?theme=social" class="img-responsive">

I need to get the height of the img on my javascript but all ways return 0

 var height = $(".header-wrapper img").height();

 alert($(".header-wrapper img").height());

 if ($(document).scrollTop() > height) {
   $(".navbar-fixed-top").css("background-color", "#f8f8f8");
 } else {
   $(".navbar-fixed-top").css("background-color", "#EEEEEE");

Any ideas and examples?

RE: Javascript Question - ivantcholakov - 06-24-2016

I think, before measuring the height the image has to be loaded first for sure. This does not happen on document.ready event. See