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RE: CodeIgniter4 User Guide - natanfelles - 01-14-2018

(01-14-2018, 07:16 AM)mehdibo Wrote: In the CodeIgniter(3 & 4)'s user guide, when you click on a link in the sidebar (for example libraries), why doesn't it just drop down and show all the libraries, why load a whole page.
I think it would be better (and faster) to just show them in the sidebar and collapse when needed.

I think that it is not possible on the Read the Docs Sphinx Theme. See the source code of the sidebar, the child items are not loaded every page.

Please, have a look at: and if you do not found this option or want to open an issue/PRĀ  about that there is the place.

I also think that a collapsible dropdown could be good.