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codeigniter clean code - fakhrawy - 06-27-2016

in this tutorial i share my way to practice SEO in codeigniter projects and how i generate clean URLsĀ 

hope to enjoy learningĀ  Smile

codeigniter clean code

RE: codeigniter clean code - fakhrawy - 06-28-2016

(06-27-2016, 03:08 AM)dubefx Wrote: Replace only spaces ? No accents? No diacritics ? I'm doing something like this: url_title(convert_accented_characters($data['title']), '-', true)
in most tutorials i post simple code as possible for beginners to explain my thoughts and if someone need more there is more
but i am happy with your replay and i will update code

thanks for sharing

RE: codeigniter clean code - phambinh217 - 06-28-2016

find by slug slow more than id. So I don't like it. In my opinion, the url should be (21 is ID )