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Authorization for trademark use - Paulo Reis - 07-02-2016


I would like to market some products as "stickers", "mug", "shirts" and so on, with the logo of some programming languages and Frameworks, including Codeigniter.

How it works? What I need to do and what I need to know?

I read this page, but I did not find answers regarding the use of the brand for commercial purposes

Thanks for listening!!!

RE: Authorization for trademark use - ciadmin - 07-02-2016

Not appropriate usage, sorry!

RE: Authorization for trademark use - kenjis - 07-03-2016

Don't you have official CodeIgniter T-shirts?

RE: Authorization for trademark use - PaulD - 07-03-2016

@Paulo, I doubt you will find any organization that would allow it's logo to be used by you to generate income without a licensing agreement of some description. You might get away with it for a while but if you stay under the radar or do not get reported, but eventually you will get a letter from a lawyer and a big bill. This is not just CI being awkward, it is just generally the rule that you can't profit from someones elses brand.

Even if you promised 95% of any revenue to the brand owner, you still run into problems with branding issues about how you are using it, the designs and messages, the quality of the product, the origin of the products etc. This usually represents a massive and unwanted distraction for most organizations.

Otherwise, you would see the Apple logo on every crappy bit of tech equipment, the BP logo on every cheap oil, and the BBC logo on every crappy youtube video.