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gallery error - davy_yg - 07-20-2016

An uncaught Exception was encountered
Type: RuntimeException
Message: Unable to locate the model you have specified: Gallery
Filename: C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-Devserver-16.1\eds-www\CompanyGiondaCI\system\core\Loader.php
Line Number: 344
File: C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-Devserver-16.1\eds-www\CompanyGiondaCI\application\controllers\Cpages.php
Line: 201
Function: model
File: C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-Devserver-16.1\eds-www\CompanyGiondaCI\index.php
Line: 315
Function: require_once


public function addslideshows() {



PHP Code:
public function gallery()
$data = array(
'slideshow_image' => $this->input->post('slideshow_image'),
'image_id' => $this->input->post('image_id'),
'title' => $this->input->post('title'),
'images' => $this->input->post('images')        


PHP Code:
    public function addslideshows() {


RE: gallery error - mwhitney - 07-20-2016

PHP Code:

This is looking for a file in the models directory named Gallery.php, but you've pasted a gallery() method from models/Mpages.php.

Read the user guide, especially the Tutorial:
and a few of the items in the General Topics section:

RE: gallery error - albertleao - 07-20-2016

a function isn't a model