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Slowing Down? - iridion2015 - 07-20-2016

While CodeIgniter is executing....
Is there a way to know.
Which part of the codes of CodeIgniter is the cause of slowing down while executing?

If your answer is yes, then share it.
If your answer is no, then perhaps the next release version 4 I hope it must have this feature.

The reason is I ask this question, Is because I always blaming the hosting company because the site is slowing down.
But when I tested it on my localhost the app that I'm developing is the culprit.

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Slowing Down? - albertleao - 07-20-2016

RE: Slowing Down? - iridion2015 - 07-20-2016


RE: Slowing Down? - InsiteFX - 07-21-2016

Like I said before do not put javascript code in the html head tags unless necessary.

All javascript code should be loaded at the bottom of the html page just before the body and html ending tags.

This is for faster page loading of the html page.