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MSSQL ERROR - aknessy - 07-22-2016

AM trying to adapt a project am working on in mysql to mssql, but I get the following error while attempting to run this query:
PHP Code:
$this->usid $user_tin;

The error:
Error Number: HY000/208

General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server [208] (severity 16) [SELECT TOP 1 "taxpayer_id" FROM "crirs_tin" WHERE "tin" = '1903798293-0001' ]

SELECT TOP 1 "taxpayer_id" FROM "crirs_tin" WHERE "tin" = '1903798293-0001'

Filename: models/Account_m.php

Line Number: 45

It seems the error comes from the double quotes being wrapped around table names and columns. I haven't been able to sort this out, I'll be very grateful if anyone can show a way on how to remove the double qoutes!

RE: MSSQL ERROR - mwhitney - 07-22-2016

Have you tried executing the SQL using SQL Server Management Studio (or some other method)? The driver uses either the double quotes or square brackets ([ and ]) around identifiers based on the detected configuration of the database connection.

If SQL Server is installed using a case-sensitive collation, table, column, and variable names may be case sensitive, even when the database itself uses a case-insensitive collation.