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Database help - forum, what is best - dbrooke - 08-12-2016

Hello all (and glad the forum is back) :-) ,
aside from the database reference here, and the usual suggestion of RTFM...

Where do you suggest to go for help with the more sophisticated query's (to MySQL) and the integration of those queries into codeigniter / PHP?

This is my first codeigniter project and I am having good luck so far.  Not sure if I'm employing best practice (probably not), but things are working. :-)

The project that I am working on requires some complex data interaction and I am still a novice at MySQL.. so I am choosing not to use codeigniter query builder class so that I can learn these more sophisticated query strings for MySQL.

I am testing SQL statements first in phpmyadmin, then copying those successful statements to my query classes in CI. I could sure use some interaction with people that have been doing this for awhile. :-)

Do I post to "General Help" on this subject, or is there better forums for this out there somewhere?


RE: Database help - forum, what is best - InsiteFX - 08-12-2016

Yes, if it is a general question then post it to the General Help.

If you are going to place code in the topic do not use the Quick Reply.
Click the button above it that says Reply to this topic, this will give you the full editor for links and code etc;

As far as learning more sql Google Search is your best friend.

RE: Database help - forum, what is best - ivantcholakov - 08-12-2016

RE: Database help - forum, what is best - PaulD - 08-12-2016

Well, you can do pretty complex stuff with the query builder. It is quite an extensive library.

However, exactly for those times when you have a particularly complex query, you can just run any query with the:

PHP Code:
$this->db->query('YOUR QUERY HERE'); 

Or if you feel like it, there is nothing stopping you form connecting to your database and running queries just as you would do with native php.

If you have general SQL questions then the 'general help' or 'lounge' might be best, there are some pretty expert people on this forum that might be able to help. However, perhaps your SQL questions would be better suited to a forum for SQL questions such as or

Best wishes,


PS I only just realized what RTFM means - lol - very funny.

RE: Database help - forum, what is best - dbrooke - 08-17-2016

Thanks, I just joined the sqlteam forum and was already a member of the forum. Yeah, I know about google ;-) I rather enjoy the community aspect of information exchange. Thx