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Plugins Support In CI4 - patel.ganesh28 - 08-16-2016

Is there plugins support in CI4?

RE: Plugins Support In CI4 - albertleao - 08-16-2016

Plugins in which way?

You have access to thousands of libraries with Composer.

RE: Plugins Support In CI4 - kilishan - 08-16-2016

I agree with albertleao, you're going to have to be much more specific.

CI isn't Drupal or any other CMS, so what I typically think of as plugin is probably not what you're discussing. If you're talking about being able to drop code in with UI elements, that can be routed to, etc, much like HMVC solutions for CI3 provide, then most of that is already in place. See this blog post and this page in the docs.

If you mean something different, please provide details.

RE: Plugins Support In CI4 - Ivo Miranda - 08-16-2016

You can extend CI through helpers, libraries and now modules (I am still not sure if you are supposed to use modules to extend anything though).

The question you ask doesn't make any sense without context. What dou you mean by "plugins" in CI?

I am very curious how CI4 modules will work... I think the modular concept will be easy to implement but HMVC won't be supported but I am not really sure what this means... Controllers won't be able to call other controllers? Is that it?

RE: Plugins Support In CI4 - PaulD - 08-16-2016

In CI4 the view cells look really exciting too!

Oooooooo - so much power! It is so exciting :-)