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Routes in comments - jonathanq - 09-22-2016


You can read routes from the comments, no longer able to generate an array of these?

You can make routes from the comments and generate them travez a simple script. Thus I do not need to go to routes.php files because my script is automatically generated.

PHP Code:
 * @route::example4
class Example4 extends CI_Controller
  * @route::{post}data_post
function data_post(){
//url: example4/data_post/  method = post

  * @route::{get}my_data_get
function my_data_get(){
//url: /example4/my_data_get/ method = get

only run
php routes

This works perfectly for CI3

RE: Routes in comments - kilishan - 09-22-2016

I've never used that library, and it's not supported by us. A quick glance over their readme file, though, and I'd say it would need a little bit of tweaking to work with 4, but shouldn't be too bad.