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RE: Is anybody using version 4? - HTLove - 11-02-2016

yes, i using Ci4 my projec

RE: Is anybody using version 4? - Paradinight - 11-02-2016

It is a stupid idea to use ci4 in a real life project. You endangered your users unnecessarily.

RE: Is anybody using version 4? - sv3tli0 - 11-03-2016

I don't get it how somebody can be using some framework for his project which is not yet complete..
CI 4 is almost new framework compare to CI 3, its not just upgrade.
This means that all its libraries/engines and etc, need to be written..

And in that case, what do you USE for your projects? .. nothing, just some build of something which is not fully tested, not fully completed and etc...

Yes, I have started writing 1 project and few small packages with/for CI 4.
But all of those things are planned to be completed after CI 4 final release.
For now they are just slow turtles which are on they way, there will be speed up on BETA and RC stage of the framework but until then.. XXX

If you are working actively on a new/old project it is not professional to use such uncompleted tools..

RE: Is anybody using version 4? - albertleao - 11-03-2016

Anyone using CI4 on production is asking for a real bad time. I hope they realize that CI 4 is still in a pre-alpha phase meaning large chunks of the project might get completely redone, it hasn't gone through a full performance review, it hasn't gone through a full security review, it hasn't locked in functionality.... cmon people.

RE: Is anybody using version 4? - dmyers - 11-03-2016

The only thing I have done with CI 4 is to test a few "low level" technique's that my Orange Framework relies on to function (mostly core/MY_#stuff#). For the most part the technique's still work with some tweaking of course but since everything else is built on top of these it shouldn't be to hard to get everything working when that time comes.