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Some questions... - primitive_man - 11-13-2016

Hi, I've a few questions regarding CodeIgniter 3.1.2 and, in fact, CodeIgniter in general.

1. What are the requirements for CodeIgniter? i.e. Recommended PHP version, WAMP, LAMP etc

2. Why doesn't the file upload function work in this version (3.1.2) ? 
I've trawled through this forum searching for answers and non of them have worked for me.

3. Why don't many of the examples in the documentation work 'straight-out-of-the-box' ?

RE: Some questions... - PaulD - 11-13-2016

1. (Virtually the very first entry in the docs)

2. There might be an issue, not read all the details myself but it seems to have been addressed. (I found this searching the forum for you, 3rd entry in search results).

3. They don't work? Been a long time since I used them but can you give an example of one that does not? I believe a lot of effort goes into maintaining the docs but while CI4 is under such heavy development it is possible something has been overlooked or missed. It is always possible an error or typo slipped in. If you can identify any errors that would help the CI team to maintain the docs.

RE: Some questions... - Avenirer - 11-14-2016

I this your first contact with PHP or with documentations in general?