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RE: Codeigniter 4 for Enterprise Application - Narf - 12-03-2016

(12-03-2016, 12:11 PM)ivantcholakov Wrote: @albertleao
"Use composer."

It is not that simple.

Sigh ... Nowadays everything that requires more than a line of code is "not that simple".

RE: Codeigniter 4 for Enterprise Application - ivantcholakov - 12-03-2016

Nowadays... an enterprise-class (if you go there) framework should focus on abstractions, standards, methodologies, and less on implementations. For implementations you can use external packages, but not directly, otherwise code would become hardly maintained over the time.

RE: Codeigniter 4 for Enterprise Application - marksman - 12-03-2016

(11-25-2016, 05:42 AM)[email protected] Wrote: I have seen most of  the developers are not prefer the codeigniter for the enterprise application. I have created an enterprise application with codeigniter 3. Most of them prefer zend,laravel or symfony for the enterprise app.
Is codeigniter 4 supports the enterprise application or developing with that in the mind. I love codeigniter because of its simplicity and easy to use. I aslo worked with symfony. But I prefer codeignter if the projects depends on the time and the money. Symfony is also cool but not easy as codeigniter. 

For codeigniter developers Heart , if you like codeigniter for enterprise application,Please let us know what are the modules we needed, what are the third parties we needed for the enterprise app.

For now? a big NO. It is because CI 4 needs to be tested deeply and doesn't have it's stable version. Releasing stable version of CI4 and having an LTS for it will do qualify CI4 for enterprise apps.

It doesn't mean that CI is not for enterprise. Many sites like,, etc is built with CI.