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help please - dali14 - 11-28-2016


I have codeigniter installed  Heart Heart Heart
The first page works well Wink
I work with wamp but when I launch the page welcome the browser send this image as what The requested URL was not found on this server I do not know how to set the server apach I work with wamp

the requested url/ci/welcome.php was not found on this server Huh Huh Huh Huh

what should I do

RE: help please - InsiteFX - 11-28-2016

1) Edit with notepad.

2) Add if not there: localhost

3) Control Panel
4) Click on System and Security
5) Click on System
6) On the left side click on Advanced system settings
7) Click on the Advanced tab
8) Click on Environment Variables...
9) On the bottom window click on Path then click Edit...
10) Add the following path variables, make sure that they end with a semi-colon ;

path to php directory
path to www directory


This may also help you out

Setup a Virtual Host on WAMP in 3 Steps

RE: help please - dali14 - 11-28-2016

Thank you I will try to see what its given

RE: help please - nemeris - 11-28-2016

(11-28-2016, 06:50 AM)dali14 Wrote: Thank you I will try to see what its given

Have you tried:


That's how you access welcome,
Unless you have specific configuration you cannot access it with ci/welcome.php