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CMS Routing - Custom - weblogics - 11-28-2016

Just a quick one, I've been battling with for a while now and have only just got back around to solving due to a customer wanting to upgrade to CI3 (latest).

Prior to the last couple of releases the default_controller config used to be able to take "controller/method/param", this was handy and due to the large number of sites I build which require caching and performance optimization I used to have a dynamic table which cached all of my routes into a custom "cache/routes.php" file and the homepage was set as the "default_controller" which with a custom line to include this in a MY_Router.php enabled this to work really nicely.

That is until a bug was fixed in the latest CI versions which rendered using "controller/method/param" within the default controller and only "controller" or "controller/method" worked. This has kind of broken my old implementation and i've played around with custom modifications to my router including trying to modify the _set_default_controller method to try and alleviate my issues, but nothing has worked so far.

Does anyone else understand how the router works enough to point me in the direction I need to make any changes to achieve what i've set out to do?

FYI - I'm also using HMVC and this seems to be triggering a function called "_set_module_path()" to find out if any directory / module / paths's are being specified.