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disable security feature - alireza1970 - 12-10-2016

Hi friends
i want to create a vulnerable web application such as webgoat for teaching web vulnerability to our students in the university
i choose codeigniter for backend . as i see codeigniter comes with build in security features such as preventio sql injection and xss and other common web vulnerability.

is it possible disable build in security features  (sql injection , xss , lfi ,..)?


RE: disable security feature - Narf - 12-10-2016


RE: disable security feature - albertleao - 12-12-2016

If you really want to, you can write some insecure php code. Doesn't matter what framework you use, you can always write bad/insecure code.

RE: disable security feature - skunkbad - 12-12-2016

I think if you're qualified to teach about web/server/php security, you should have no problem demonstrating the issues that CI solves.