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[split] CI4 backwards compatibility? - Unit - 01-01-2017


will the new version be compatible backward? I mean, an upgrade will be possible or a web-service created on 3.x will have to be created on 4.x from scratch?


RE: [split] CI4 backwards compatibility? - ciadmin - 01-01-2017

CI4 will not be backwards compatible with CI3. Many things will be familiar, but apps will need to be rewritten for CI4. We are trying to make it as painless as possible Smile

I recommend Lonnie's blog post ...

RE: [split] CI4 backwards compatibility? - enlivenapp - 01-02-2017

there's a small hint of the `rewrite` needed towards the bottom of this thread:

It's not really a "All the code" refactoring, but there's a not-insignificant number of changes needed to get an existing one working on CI4.