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New Year's Resolutions - jlp - 01-02-2017

Happy New Year to all!

Some of our newer forum members (and some of the older ones, to be fair), seem to be unclear on reasonable behavior in our public forum. I thought I would help by suggesting some New Year's resolutions for these people.

Things I *will* do from this point forwards:
  • Search the forums before starting a new thread, in case my question has already been answered
  • Provide a good thread title (think of others searching) when I do create a new thread
  • Provide a good, helpful description of a problem I have that I would like help with
  • Post a new thread in the appropriate subforum
  • Be patient waiting for my post to be approved (if moderated), and for the community to respond
  • Use English for my threads and posts; other languages are only appropriate in the regional subforum
  • Use the appropriate place for my threads - questions or issues get raised here on the forum, bugs get reported on github, security issues should go to hackerone
  • Use helpful issue reports when reporting a bug on github
  • Be respectful of others
Things I *will not* do from this point forwards:
  • Post a thread multiple times, because it hasn't shown up on the forum, even though I am a new member and I know that my first few posts will be moderated
  • Post a thread in multiple subforums
  • Post a thread in multiple places (forum, github, stackoverflow), with cross-links that have to be followed to read my question/point
  • Post inane threads, where the answer is in the question I am asking
  • Use the forum as a way to learn PHP or programming in the first place
  • Send emails to the admin, even though I understand that email support is not offered
  • Ask support questions on twitter, since I know those are meant to be addressed here on the forum
  • PM members without their permission, or without enabling receipt on my end
  • Make bogus claims, eg in my signature or custom user title
  • Encourage or participate in flame wars
This is not an exhaustive list of resolutions, but a good starting point. I am sure that many of you have your own dos or don'ts for forum behavior! If each of us (myself included) embraced 2 or 3 of these, the forum would be more rewarding Smile

RE: New Year's Resolutions - sv3tli0 - 01-02-2017

At least for posting, we can think for some kind of trick..
Just taking small look at Stack overflow can give us idea how we can provide feature "search for similar threads" at the New Thread page while posting..

I am not MyBB person so I don't know if such feature exists. But it would be very small piece of code searching by the provided title for any similar threads over the forums..

RE: New Year's Resolutions - ciadmin - 01-02-2017

MyBB does have a reasonably comprehensive text search ability, through titles only or entire post content. It is accessed from the middle button of the main navbar.

RE: New Year's Resolutions - enlivenapp - 01-02-2017


What's your email address?  I have a support question...   Angel Tongue

Please don't ban me. lulz

RE: New Year's Resolutions - InsiteFX - 01-03-2017

Well said. Let's not forget that Google search CodeIgniter whatever is also very helpful for new users.

RE: New Year's Resolutions - carmatec - 02-16-2017

Happy New Year To EveryOne

RE: New Year's Resolutions - railsdeveloper - 02-16-2017

& Happy new year to you as well
Hope you all have a Great Fabulous Year. & may all your dreams comes true

RE: New Year's Resolutions - sms4g - 03-04-2017

Thanks, Happy New Year to All.

RE: New Year's Resolutions - JayPatel - 03-16-2017

Thanks JLP,

Happy New Year to all users

RE: New Year's Resolutions - Pelagia - 10-24-2017

happy to join your community, there are many useful and interesting information!