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Project Update - 2017.01.03 - ciadmin - 01-03-2017

What has been accomplished during the second half of 2016:
  • Development continues on CodeIgniter 4, slowly but steadily. The number of contributors is slowly growing, and there is lots of interest and testing. Some things wrapped up recently: expanded command line usage, using PHP's built-in server, and the API Response trait for consistency.
  • We have published three updates to CodeIgniter 3 - 3.1.0 in July, and 3.1.1 & 3.1.2 in October; each of these has contained security patches, bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Our forum continues to grow, with over 7600 users now registered (up 1000 from the last progress update). Including the archives, we now have over 65,000 threads. Keeping the forum free of spam and spammers continues.
  • Our main repository now has 6,620 forks, and Twitter followers continue to increase.
  • Most (81%) of our website and forum traffic is being handled using SSL
What hasn't happened according to plan in 2016:
  • Our forum software has not been updated to phpBB ... no time Sad
What is in progress as 2017 begins:
  • Phase 2 of CodeIgniter 4 is under active development. Recent work has focused on the Queue and Email classes, and cleaning up the Debug Toolbar. How can you help? We are looking to expand the supported databases, and to tackle internationalization/localization.
  • We continue to investigate and fix issues with CodeIgniter 3.
  • There will some "office hours" coming up over the next week, Jan 6-7.
What is planned for the first half of 2017:
  • We are planning a 3.1.3 release soon, with bug fixes & enhancements.
  • We are planning a 3.2.0 release in the spring, cleaning up things.
  • We hope to finish phase 2 of the CodeIgniter 4 alpha. NO, we do not have a release date (planned, anticipated, guaranteed or otherwise), so please don't ask again! We will announce any release when it is time!
Thank you, the CodeIgniter community, for your support and engagement!

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - PaulD - 01-03-2017

Thank you, the Codeigniter team, for your continued hard work and commitment to this fabulous framework. It is very much appreciated.

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - Diederik - 01-03-2017

Thanks for the update :-)

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - ferran294 - 01-03-2017

Thank you for your great work . I'm using this framework since two years ago and I'm still discovering great features that solves my problems in a really easy way. That is why I love this framework, clean and simple. Congratulations.

Any help is needed I will be grateful of contribute.

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - startbbs - 01-03-2017

Thanks for your hard work! support CI team

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - JG_NJ_1990 - 01-03-2017

Thank you!

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - Aloghli - 01-03-2017

Thank you!

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - InsiteFX - 01-04-2017

Thanks development team for your hard work and support for the community.

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - siprox - 01-08-2017

Great!!, thankyou.

RE: Project Update - 2017.01.03 - vivekanandhan - 01-10-2017

Good job !! Thank you CI Team..