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HTML5? - melakorolo - 01-15-2017

Anyone here worked with HTML5 much yet?
I've tried to use it a bit.
I find it easier to use than flash, by far.

RE: HTML5? - PaulD - 01-15-2017

HTML5 has been around for years, who does not use it?

HTML5 is just the latest version of markup language for the web. Flash is an animation package and nothing to do with HTML.

HTML5 is stupendously easy, which was it's intention. Flash is relatively easy to start but as with all animation packages some tuition is needed to achieve anything of any significance on it. The masters of flash are quite expert in their field, whereas I don't think there is any such thing as a master of HTML5.

Welcome to the CI forum. Have you used CI at all?

RE: HTML5? - ivantcholakov - 01-15-2017