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nodejs - ignitedcms - 03-03-2017

How many people are getting into nodejs... I believe it is the future... Anyone got any tips or tricks they wish to share.

RE: nodejs - iridion2015 - 03-04-2017

I tried it before.
the problem with nodejs is there are few jobs available.

RE: nodejs - albertleao - 03-04-2017

(03-04-2017, 04:00 PM)iridion2015 Wrote: I tried it before.
the problem with nodejs is there are few jobs available.

What? There are an insane amount of nodejs jobs available. I have found more jobs in Node than PHP.

Doing a quick search on Indeed for developer jobs in the Bay Area. 200 + for javascript. 90+ for Node. 80 for php

RE: nodejs - PaulD - 03-04-2017

Also when learning new approaches, languages or frameworks, there are more reasons to invest time in them other than 'available jobs'.

RE: nodejs - arma7x - 03-05-2017

Get in-depth with JavaScript is good, you can use it on both backend or frontend task

RE: nodejs - Storyteller - 03-18-2017

I've gotten into the JavaScript world via MeteorJS (, it makes developing full-stack JS apps easy (no need to setup your own build tool). I've went into it straight from CodeIgniter and found it to be a nice intro into the node.js world (plus it has some great features).

RE: nodejs - skunkbad - 03-18-2017

I use node just for development stuff, like Grunt usage. I've always felt that when I step outside the normal LAMP stack I'm making something that I will regret making in the future. Just thinking about maintenance, upgrades, etc. Also must consider the ability for somebody else to step in and work with me. Less than 1% of "devs" that I meet have any good experience, and have a hard time grasping basic concepts, let alone stepping outside the box.

RE: nodejs - mancode - 05-12-2017

Thanks for the answers, very detailed!