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Passing URL Referer - El Forum - 03-10-2008

I have a site that I want to track my PPC campaigns from the various search engines however I am running into a few problems. First problem is code igniter not allowing the use of the query string. I turned this on and I can now pass any variable through and add other strings.

Question is, how do I get the value of the other query strings? Such as ?c=controller&m=function&ref=google... If I wanted to check that ref is posted and what the value is how do I do that?

Next thing is, I am able to set a cookie but unable to retrieve its value. I have been unsuccessful in finding any information on this topic. Please give any advice possible.

If there are any other alternatives also, please let me know.


Passing URL Referer - El Forum - 03-12-2008

Bumping up. I need help with this.


doesn't work for me