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problem with debug bar - qury - 03-08-2017

i found the below issue:

While the environment is set to development the page is not rendered correctly using the below URLs:


The Debug Toolbar is opened up by default however i can't click on any of the buttons.
If i look at the page source the expected data is there in the source.

However, the below URL will work:

When i switch the environment to production, without the debug bar, everything works fine.

PHP Code:
<?php namespace App\Controllers;


Home extends Controller {

   public $db;

   public function __construct(...$params) {
       $this->db = \Config\Database::connect();
 public function 
index($tbl NULL) {

       $tables $this->db->listTables();
       $data['content']['tables'] = $tables;

       if ($tbl !== NULL)
           $fields $this->db->getFieldNames($tbl);
           $data['content'][$tbl] = $fields;
       } else
           $fields $this->db->getFieldNames('zz_settings');
           $data['content']['zz_settings'] = $fields;

        echo '<pre>';
        echo '</pre>';