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Blank URI parameters - dbrooke - 03-15-2017

Hello... likely a noob question...

Can someone tell me why blank params don't in the URI?

Call works:

Call doesn't work:

Admin.php Controller snippet:

PHP Code:
public function dbmembers($action null$subaction null$id null)
   data['theID'] = $id;

RE: Blank URI parameters - dbrooke - 03-15-2017

FYI, upon running more tests, in the call that doesn't work, it is clear that $subaction is being set to 254.

That seems odd to me.. but maybe someone can explain a best practice here??

RE: Blank URI parameters - dbrooke - 03-16-2017

No comments I guess?? I guess I'll start adding dummy fillers for any param that doesn't have a value.