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Codeigniter 4 Impressions [VIDEO] - web-johnny - 03-16-2017

Hello guys,

As I haven't seen anyone publishing a video for Codeigniter 4 yet, I did create one Smile

To sum it up I am answering the below questions:

- What are the main new features that Codeigniter 4 has?
- I want to create a brand new project. Should I use CI 3 or Codeigniter 4?
- I am using Codeigniter version 3. Should I update to Codeigniter 4?
- Is Codeigniter 4 going to be more famous than Laravel?
- What are my initial impressions about Codeigniter 4?
- What are the new things that I were always wishing Codeigniter should have and do they exist in Codeigniter 4?


Enjoy Big Grin


RE: Codeigniter 4 Impressions [VIDEO] - kenjis - 03-19-2017

Awesome! Thank you.

RE: Codeigniter 4 Impressions [VIDEO] - Nikos - 03-19-2017

Great review! Thank you.

RE: Codeigniter 4 Impressions [VIDEO] - marksman - 03-19-2017

Good review, but for me CI vs Laravel? CI is for enterprise and laravel is for students Smile thats the reality.

I personally use CI 3 and applying new technologies of PHP 7 like namespaces. I found no problems with it. Even though we have our own framework in our company I found our own framework just like codeigniter. ORM, routing, filestructure, etc. they are almost the same. In short they are practicing and using CI's way in enterprise. Our company is one of the famous web hosting company. I can't mention it because I'm on non-disclosure contract. Use CI in your way and do beyond the limits Smile

RE: Codeigniter 4 Impressions [VIDEO] - PaulD - 03-19-2017

Very nice, thanks for sharing. Liked and subscribed.