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when released? - RAMP - 03-26-2017

First: Sorry for my English. Angel
Second: When can we see the finished version of this product? I'm looking at CI4 from the date of the announcement and is still empty. Yes, I saw Pre-alpha (which is not recommended to use) how much will this status be? year? two? Then what? Alpha ... Pre-beta ... Beta ... Pre-gamma ... Gamma ...
I liked CI3, but as it was already said, it is really outdated and requires modernization. I understand the problems of developers that they can not do everything at once. But more than a year has passed.
I want to know the timing of the final product. And decide whether to wait for it at all.

RE: when released? - ciadmin - 03-26-2017

We are making slow but steady progress, pretty much as predicted. It is probable (but not guaranteed) that the pre-alpha2/alpha/delta-omicron (whatever you want to call the next "version") will be ready this spring, but that depends on how much the community kicks in, and how much time the VOLUNTEER main contributor(s) can find to work on it, outside their regular jobs.

A fair bit of progress is evident from the CodeIgniter 4 user guide.

Back to your last point ... we do not have timing of the final product. You are the only one hwo can decide whether you should wait for it.