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metatag keyword populator - captain-sensible - 03-27-2017

In the Ci tutorial they use the php variable $page to populate the html page <title> </title> tag. i searched the forum & could not see anything on how to simple populate the meta name ="keywords" content ="  " tag

Anyway i put my simple way of doing it here:

RE: metatag keyword populator - InsiteFX - 03-27-2017

CodeIgniter Users Guide - HTML Helper meta

RE: metatag keyword populator - Martin7483 - 03-28-2017

The use of keywords is no longer needed for SEO, and could even land your website with a penalty.

RE: metatag keyword populator - captain-sensible - 03-28-2017

cheers for replies

Thanks InsiteFX html helper can help produce a better format but it does not have the logic to match a page to the production of specific keywords. However looks like Martin7483 is telling me i'm behind on SEO . I know things have shifted on Google ranking web being Mobile user friendly but thought keywords were still of use obviously not. Any good links to SEO to catch up?