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user profile - anmol - 04-09-2017

i am a complete beginner in codeigniter and try to learn the basics of this framework.i made a login form and signup i was thinking of making a user profile.i want the logged in username that gets showed on the page automatically for the logged  in user"$username".i have made a new controller ,model and view for profile.i have loaded all the models in my controller,can someone help me ,how can i get data[] that will have the entire information of the logged in user and i can use it in my profile calss and display it on the profile view.
i am a complete beginner.thanks

RE: user profile - antony - 04-18-2017

Is the user data stored in session variables, in the database or somewhere else?
You usually would get the data from the database via the model, then print out this user's username.