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redirect() in CI4 - nskarl - 04-14-2017

hi all!

Can't nderstand how working redirect in CI4 ?

if i use:

i have error:
BASEPATH/Router/RouteCollection.php at line 967

Unable to locate a valid route.

help me please Blush

RE: redirect() in CI4 - kilishan - 04-14-2017

Ah, looks you found a bug. Smile The redirect helper method now tries to lookup the route using named routes and reverse-routing first, then should attempt a generic redirect after that. However, looks like the reverseRoute method throws an exception and the helper method isn't catching it. If you could post a bug report over at GitHub, that would be a big help, and I'll get it fixed up tonight, hopefully, or early next week.

RE: redirect() in CI4 - nskarl - 04-16-2017

Thanks for fix man!

RE: redirect() in CI4 - kilishan - 04-16-2017

No problem! Thanks for letting me know about it.