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Mailing on CI4 - nskarl - 04-16-2017

Hi all!

i can't find mailing class in CI4, does it exist? =)

if yes, where i can read about using?

if not, will it? if yes, when?


RE: Mailing on CI4 - kilishan - 04-16-2017

It is not currently implemented satisfactorily. I've rewritten it a couple of times, and think I finally have it at a place where I'm fairly happy with it, but has some bugs and I am having to take some time away from that particular code since I was getting a bit frustrated. Been fleshing out the parser the last couple of weeks instead. If you want to play with what's there, though, you can find it in this pull request. No guarantees that it completely works at the moment, though. Smile