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Url routes to greek - vasilisgreece - 05-05-2017

I am trying to set in my Url-Uri Greek chars (for SEO purposes). 
I am a new member and I started to learn for version 2.2.6. 

So far this works: 

$apartment = urlencode('διαμερίσματα');
$wild = '/(:num)';
$wildsecond = '/(:any)';
$route[$apartment] = 'page/apartments'; //works
$route[$apartment.$wild.$wildsecond] = 'page/apartment/$1/$2'; // not working

Also I tried to change config file to this:

$config['permitted_uri_chars'] = 'a-z 0-9~%.:_\-'.

But it didn't work so far for the route of wildcards. 
WHAT can I do?

RE: Url routes to greek - Rufnex - 05-05-2017

Maybe a typo?

'page/apartment/$1/$2' missing s in apartements

RE: Url routes to greek - vasilisgreece - 05-06-2017

No it isn't a typo. It works only for English letters... not for Greek ...