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CI4 Docs - donpwinston - 06-17-2017

I've noticed what appears to be errors in the tutorial and the Database docs. Is it ok for the rabble to open issues in GitHub about these or should I just post them here?

RE: CI4 Docs - kenjis - 06-17-2017


You can send PR to fix the docs.

RE: CI4 Docs - donpwinston - 06-18-2017

(06-17-2017, 09:22 PM)kenjis Wrote: See

You can send PR to fix the docs.

I don't feel qualified to fix them myself.

RE: CI4 Docs - kilishan - 06-18-2017

Feel free to leave doc errors as issues. But kenjis is right, if you take the time to dig into the code and then submit a PR, that's an even bigger help. Smile