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Crud in the fly - abubasil - 07-22-2017

Hi code IgniteRRRzzzz,

I would like you to see my two videos about Cruding the tables  in two ways.

I have posted the source in this forum some time ago and I was totally ignored , I was so annoyed and removed it.

Anyway , now I   noticed that you may like videos instead ..

here is an installer  for codeigniter

the second video is about crud in the fly no coding no configurations

RE: Crud in the fly - PaulD - 07-22-2017

I think you may have overestimated the interest in a CRUD system. Most developers, if they needed one, of any shape or description, would simply and fairly quickly build their own. In that way it would work and operate in the way they chose.

Only very few projects get followers, users or even less get active contributors. This is in no way a comment on your skills, your prowess or your (possibly) great little crud library. Sharing code can be disappointing if no one uses it, but that is just the nature of open source. You share it, and perhaps some people find it useful, perhaps not. Either way, just keep going. Perhaps your next shared piece will go viral, perhaps not, either way, your contributions are warmly welcomed and gratefully received.

Best wishes,


RE: Crud in the fly - twpmarketing - 07-22-2017

I agree with PaulD's comment. Thanks for offering to share your code.

Also, the use of video for code sharing is a problem from my side. It is next to impossible to see what is happening on the screen, even when the video is opened to full screen width. I much prefer to read code documents and perhaps view an example web page which uses that code.

RE: Crud in the fly - skunkbad - 07-22-2017

Also note: In US English you probably meant to say "ON the fly". IN the fly suggests you've got crud in your pants.

RE: Crud in the fly - abubasil - 07-22-2017

Oh, at last , well yes it is for the "some people who find it useful".

MR Skunkbad , ON or in. I am not English speaker and never been outside Iraq never talk to any even in voice chat. I only use my keyboard .Besides I am not true programmer too, I am hobbyist ....

I am going to upload the source in here within few hours.

Note : my installer is an enhanced version of
I rebuild it, added some plugins and made it in the form of installer to speed up the process of coding according to Codeigniter standards.

RE: Crud in the fly - abubasil - 07-22-2017

I started a new topic in order to add attachment

Note that I was talking about two scripts.
one being the Ci installer , the other is something else. check.

thank you.