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Debug Toolbar at Page Bottom - natanfelles - 07-22-2017

The current development bar of CI 4 is incredible. Very, very useful. My only problem when doing tests is with the location where it is, set at the top.

It turns out that it gets in the way of viewing the pages, hiding some of the content in the top.

What do you think about:

  1. Leave it as it is.
  2. Add a padding-top to the body with the height of the bar.
  3. Move to stay fixed at the page bottom.

RE: Debug Toolbar at Page Bottom - kilishan - 07-22-2017

No poll needed. I have a mental note to move it to the bottom but haven't had a chance to yet. I thought I had the bar setup where it would automatically add enough padding above the site you're working on that it wouldn't interfere, but that hasn't proven to be consistent enough...

RE: Debug Toolbar at Page Bottom - Muzikant - 09-09-2017

CakePHP have a debug toolbar hidden in the bottom right corner, which can be extended to the whole width with the same height. It is the best way I think.

[Image: KexKHP2.png] [Image: 5IKTh0t.png]