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form_error is missing - Edel - 08-11-2017

I am validating forms. I want display the errors using the form_error method from form_helper. In the user_guide says that this function is available en CI4 but it return not found. I opened form_helper.php and the method is missing.
Who knows anything about this?

RE: form_error is missing - kilishan - 08-13-2017

That should be removed. Validation errors (which is what form_error were showing, are available through the Validation library.

Though we probably need a new command to make it available to the Parser, come to think of it.... but if you're not using the Parser, you should be fine.

RE: form_error is missing - Edel - 08-16-2017

@kilishan thanks for your answer. I returned the showError method from Validation library this way: