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SSL Integration - k84u - 08-19-2017

Hello! can someone help me ? im having a issues after i integrated the SSL in our website

i got this error

Severity: Warning
Message: mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user 'username'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php
Line Number: 161
below is line161 code
    if ($mysqli->real_connect($hostname, $this->username, $this->password, $this->database, $port, $socket, $client_flags))
            // Prior to version 5.7.3, MySQL silently downgrades to an unencrypted connection if SSL setup fails
            if (
                ($client_flags & MYSQLI_CLIENT_SSL)
                && version_compare($mysqli->client_info, '5.7.3', '<=')
                && empty($mysqli->query("SHOW STATUS LIKE 'ssl_cipher'")->fetch_object()->Value)
                $message = 'MySQLi was configured for an SSL connection, but got an unencrypted connection instead!';
                log_message('error', $message);
                return ($this->db->db_debug) ? $this->db->display_error($message, '', TRUE) : FALSE;

            return $mysqli;

        return FALSE;

 i dont know if its the ssl or what. please help me ..

RE: SSL Integration - InsiteFX - 08-20-2017

This is stating that your password is incorrect.

This could also be that you have not setup your MySQL Access Rights.

This is for a Windows 10 system, change the paths to match your MySQL install.
For other systems SEE: The MySQL Documentation.

To change your password on a Windows system for MySQL do the following:

1) Create a text file C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql-init.txt and add this to it.

SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('New_Password');

2) Create a new text file C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mtsql-start.txt

C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqld --init-file=C:\\xampp\mysql\mysql-init.txt

You need to run mysql-start.txt from a command line prompt.

Read(HY000/1045): Access denied for user root