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How to use thid party? - theedo - 08-25-2017

Hi people. I was looking for a "link preview", . I was thinking that I can insert that in third_party, and call all by a custom library, but it is the first time for me.

So, I downloaded all and inserted the files here: application/third_party/LinkPreview/...

My question is: how can I use it now? I created a class like that:

PHP Code:
if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
linkPreview {
   public function __construct()
       require_once APPPATH.'third_party/LinkPreview/LinkPreview.php';
function link(){
       $var = new LinkPreview("");
       return $var;

but if in a controller I include the library
PHP Code:

and then I call in this way:
PHP Code:

I've this errors:
[Image: f3c988b711740f41dc8e491337231c35.png]

Can you give me some ideas?

Thank you!

RE: How to use thid party? - skunkbad - 08-25-2017


RE: How to use thid party? - theedo - 08-25-2017

Yeah, I tried also that, but when I create a var $var = new LinkPreview(""); I have this error:

[Image: 4b5e154e2e66dcb9c341ea3f4d33640e.png]

and this is my code:

[Image: c9cf63406c24bd21526b05c60a8d3cbd.png]

RE: How to use thid party? - InsiteFX - 08-26-2017

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