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remove index.php - El Forum - 03-17-2008


i want to remove index.php from my link

but i don't have Mod_rewrite

remove index.php - El Forum - 03-17-2008

This is a server issue and not a CI one.

You will have to use something similair as mod_rewrite. Check if your server supports anything similair and try to implement that.

Otherwise it ain't going to work

remove index.php - El Forum - 03-17-2008

[eluser]Chris Newton[/eluser]
If you have a *nix server, it probably has apache server on it, and probably supports mod_rewrite. YOu might have to just do some research, or ask your web admin / hosting company about it.

remove index.php - El Forum - 03-18-2008

JUST A THOUGHT: You might want to ask your hosting company if the mod rewrite is supported on their server.