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Product Database Project - marilena6 - 10-04-2017


I would like to create a product database website, with a frontend which will show a list of products divided into categories and an admin backend.

Also, an extra feature would be that users might have limited access to some categories.

Is CI suitable for this and can anyone recommend a nice template to do this?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to replies.

RE: Product Database Project - krystian2160 - 10-04-2017

Yes, it is suitable, as every php's framework. It is just a tool that helps.
Read the documentation.
Look on all available helpers and drivers, look around, think, and start learning/studying and then coding.

RE: Product Database Project - XtreemDeveloper - 01-16-2018

Firstly start the reading of documentation after that you can easily build a website in CI.
Also you can download web templates as you want using this url