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Login library - ComputingFroggy - 10-19-2017


I am back at using CodeIgniter.
I need to use an authentication library.

What's the situation with these libraries and CI3, now ? (I could not find any thing recent on the forum)
Is Community Auth still a good option ?

Thanks in advance for sharing you experience and your replies.

RE: Login library - skunkbad - 10-19-2017

I'm still using Community Auth. Ion Auth is still popular, although I've never used it.

RE: Login library - InsiteFX - 10-20-2017

I also use Community Auth.

RE: Login library - PaulD - 10-20-2017

I use IonAuth and it is very good, and remarkably flexible.


RE: Login library - cybersven - 10-30-2017

+1 for IonAuth and very easy to use, you got a lot of examples and tutorials too.

RE: Login library - Clockwerx - 07-25-2018

I use and created Authit library @, if you want a really simple and flexible authentication library for CI 3.

RE: Login library - enlivenapp - 07-25-2018

FYI, Ion-Auth recently began working on Ion-Auth 3, it's in (late?) testing, and they're still keeping up with fixes and such with Ion-Auth 2.

They are planning a CI4 version once CI4 is released.