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CodeIgniter4-standard - jlp - 12-12-2017

We have a new repository, CodeIgniter4-Standard, with PHP CodeSniffer rules to enforce the coding style guidelines for CodeIgniter4. This is intended for contributors to the project, although developers might find it useful for their own webapps.

The easiest way to install it is by using Composer.

Warm thanks to community member Louis Linehan, and congratulations on a job well done Smile

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - louisl - 12-12-2017

Thanks Jim, I hope you all find it useful.

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - Php - 12-12-2017

Cool. Jim.

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - dijon - 12-12-2017


CodeIgniter is powerful, documented perfectly and clear to understand framework.

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - rolly - 12-24-2017

great : )

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - mehdibo - 01-13-2018

Are CI4's standards the same as CI3?

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - ciadmin - 01-13-2018

(01-13-2018, 10:55 AM)mehdibo Wrote: Are CI4's standards the same as CI3?

No, they are not. The two big changes I see, in this regard, are namespacing and using whatever case you want for your classes.
The CI4 coding standards have been formalized more so than the CI3 ones, hence this repository with CodeSniffer rules that be applied, manually or automatically.

The CodeSniffer rules are intended for contributions to the CI4 framework, and not for your code, though you are welcome to follow them too.

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - InsiteFX - 04-20-2018

Thanks to everyone supporting this project.

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - itstrisha - 04-20-2018

That's really great

RE: CodeIgniter4-standard - zrmd - 06-01-2018

Really great !