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[Resolved] Inappropriate users - jlp - 01-15-2018

Not everyone is happy with us having a "wall of shame", highlighting the users with illegal, offensive or inappropriate posts (who then get purged).

What do you think?

The poll results are clear: 4 to 1 in favor of just banning inappropriate users, without publishing a wall of shame.

Many pointed out that it does not seem to deter spammers, or those who don't care to read or conform to the guidelines they agreed to when signing up.

Thank you all for weighing in!

RE: Inappropriate users - mehdibo - 01-15-2018

I don't mind the wall of shame but, does a spammer really care about "shame"?

RE: Inappropriate users - skunkbad - 01-15-2018

I doubt they care. In some cases it might be better to do like Twitter and have a "shadow ban".

RE: Inappropriate users - enlivenapp - 01-15-2018

I voted, don't care either way.

I think you'll find a little of column A and a little of column B in users who get spanked. Some will be, "oops, sorry, won't happen again".

I know it's extra work, but the fairest option I can see is give them a chance, post them on the wall and if they shape up, then all's well, if not, then the almighty ban hammer.

Either way it goes, I'm fine with it.

RE: Inappropriate users - php_rocs - 01-15-2018

I voted purge them without notice but I wonder if there is a forum tool/plugin that has a better way of stopping forum spammers.

RE: Inappropriate users - JNapolitanoIT - 01-15-2018

I think the wall of shame can serve a great purpose. If stickied somewhere, new members may be more inclined to view it, therefor potentially preventing them from getting a position on the wall of shame. Either way, I hope all works out in the end, no matter what the votes decide Smile

RE: Inappropriate users - andersonunsonst - 01-16-2018

why not just call this a 'ban log' or something like that, avoid judicial problems, 'wall of shame' is something vexatious and humiliating, depending on what the user has done

RE: Inappropriate users - Narf - 01-16-2018

(01-16-2018, 08:23 AM)andersonunsonst Wrote: why not just call this a 'ban log' or something like that, avoid judicial problems, 'wall of shame' is something vexatious and humiliating, depending on what the user has done

No matter how you call it, it lists mostly (if not entirely) spammers, so if it was actually humiliating to them, I'd say "good"!

Problem is, a lot of them might be bots, and those who aren't don't care and they probably won't ever see it - they came, they spammed, they left. So unless a regular forum user lands on it, it doesn't really act as a deterrent.

More like a reminder that somebody is actually keeping things in order, because that often stays behind the scenes and people rarely appreciate what they don't see - that's why I haven't voiced any displeasure anyway.

RE: Inappropriate users - BABYpanda - 01-16-2018

If that is the case, you might want to make use of something I made years ago for a gaming community, who had to deal with annoying users and spambots. It doesn't stop all of them, but in combination with other plugins like StopForumSpam we had minimal to zero spambots or annoyances who came back after being banned due to the hazzle.

Do with it as you please. Just my few cents.

RE: Inappropriate users - albertleao - 01-16-2018

I'm only here for the development of codeigniter and trying to help people who have issues. As a business owner, a wall of shame just seems very juvenile and middle school for me. That's just my opinion though. I don't see walls of shame in other communities that are thriving and much larger. It just comes across as wasted time when we all should be focussed on trying to make an awesome framework. Again, that's just my 2 cents.