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Issue on CodeIgniter - abhishek001 - 02-07-2018

Hello sir

while working on project , I have found an issue, in a project A there is two different portal say B and C. 

When I need to logout from C then it should be logout from B also and vice-versa.
Similarly if we don't want to logout from b , then how to handle such situation.   Currently, I am stuck in this situation.
In reality, in my case project A contain 8 portal Sad Sad  . So how to handle such situation. Even If I am routing to logout page of each portal then also it is not working.

I have tried a lot to destroy default cookie but not working in any case.

please give some suggestion how handle such a situation.


RE: Issue on CodeIgniter - InsiteFX - 02-07-2018

Technically this is very unsafe.

But you can take a look at this:


I highly do not recommend doing something like this because of security reasons.

Best to find away of doing it using database sessions.