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Private Messages - default settings? - jlp - 02-12-2018

When the forum was first setup, 3.5 years ago, the default setting for new users was "incoming PMs enabled".
There was some lively discussion at that time, and the majority opinion was to disable this setting by default, the reasoning being that members did not want to receive unsolicited PMs.

It is time to revisit the issue, and see how the members think that the default should be set. This has come about because of new members sending PMs that cannot be replied to, because their incoming PMs are disabled.

There are good reasons for both ... how do you feel?

RE: Private Messages - default settings? - sv3tli0 - 02-12-2018

Enable by default.. everybody is free to block incoming messages.
There is no big reason why it should be disabled..
Any spammers > BAN
Any faggots > BAN
If you don't want to receive, you can always disable it..

However in the same time answering to somebody who has by default (not his wish) disabled messages is really fu*ked thing !

RE: Private Messages - default settings? - InsiteFX - 02-13-2018

Thank you James.

RE: Private Messages - default settings? - rolly - 02-26-2018

I was not use PM, but I think need enabled, but give blacklist. If who somebody spammer you can added to blacklist.

RE: Private Messages - default settings? - ciadmin - 02-27-2018

The members have spoken, and PMs should be enabled by default for new registrations.
The forum configuration is very convoluted, and I may have overlooked something ... let me know if the defaults do not appear to work!