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Make safety api - omid_student - 02-17-2018

I am programming app for shop that use api (restful)
I afraid of hacker that get this api key and attach my webservice
How do i protect it?

RE: Make safety api - arisroyo - 02-18-2018

Don't use ordinary encryption or un-safe character at-least use Json Web Tokens
there's a lot library for PHP.

RE: Make safety api - Avenirer - 02-19-2018

Whitelist the shop IP?

RE: Make safety api - InsiteFX - 02-19-2018

That could be what the ip_addresses was in the forum topic that you mentioned to me in the table.

RE: Make safety api - omid_student - 02-24-2018

Finally i decide to use oAuth2 in codeigniter
I dont know it is good way to hard hack for hacker but i understand it now